Friday, October 24th, 2014

Estep Residence

Previous Experience while with Ruby Architects, Inc.

Residential Addition – Detached Garage
Historic Hillcrest, Little Rock, Arkansas
Budget: $130,000
1,100 square feet
Architect: Ruby Architects, Inc.
Design and Const. Documents: Jeremiah Russell, AIA, NCARB
Landscape Design: Ward Lile Designs
Construction: Gardner Custom Homes
Completion: 2014

Designed for a professional couple who recently relocated to Little Rock in the Hillcrest Historic Neighborhood, the clients needed a garage and second story home office. The site is steeply sloped and provided for only one logical location for the structure, which eliminated an existing storage shed. The final design became a one car garage with attached storage space to replace the shed. The second floor is devoted to a office with a lounge deck above that faces south, down the hill, with magnificent views of the surrounding neighborhood.