Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Ken Rash Furniture

Previous Experience with Ruby Architects, Inc. 

Commercial Remodel
West Little Rock, Arkansas
Budget: <$200,000
Architect: Ruby Architects, Inc.
Design and Construction Documents: Jeremiah Russell, AIA, NCARB
Construction: AMR Construction, LLC
Completion: 2013

Originally located on Cantrell Road near the Heights neighborhood in Little Rock, Ken Rash was forced to relocate due to infrastructure improvements. The new location is a 32,000 square foot retail center on Rodney Parham Road near West Little Rock. The new Ken Rash space now inhabits approximately one-half of the total building. The program included gutting the existing retail spaces to provide new showroom, warehouse and design space as well as create a new storefront. Budget was a challenge, especially with such a large space, but the final renovated space is a beautiful success.