Friday, June 19th, 2015

Welch Residence

Single Family Residence – Remodel
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Budget >$100,000
Architect: Rogue Architecture LLC
Contractor: Hughes Orr Group
Completion: Spring 2015

Our client’s purchased this home from the original owner’s as their retirement home and originally only planned on updating the kitchen and living spaces. The design quickly turned into a nearly full home remodel complete with new master bath, master closet, new stair railings and updated finishes and lighting at the second floor. The home sits on a lakefront lot that faces south with mature shade trees that filter the light into the main double height living spaces. Color and finish choices were made to reflect all the natural light throughout the day. Lighting is needed in the evening only.┬áThe completed kitchen gives the homeowners a large open space for cooking and entertaining, which they do often. By opening up several walls we were able to create more generous views of the lake and surrounding wilderness that makes for truly breathtaking living experiences for guest and homeowner alike.